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Service to Philosophy

Peter Graham has provided service to the profession of philosophy in a number of ways. He has refereed for numerous academic journals and academic presses. He’s a member of the Hume Society, the Society for Philosophy and Psychology, the Society for Skeptical Studies, the International Society for the Study of Skepticism, the Canadian Society for Epistemology, and the Southern California Epistemology Network.

He has been an active member of the American Philosophical Association since before completing his dissertation research. He served a three-year term on the Program Committee for the Pacific Division Meetings of the American Philosophical Association. He was a member of the APA Committee on Lectures, Publications and Research. He has been vice-chair and chair of the APA Committee on International Cooperation, serving as well on the Board of Officers of the American Philosophical Association.

He is Associate Editor for the Journal of the American Philosophical Association, Consulting Editor for Al-Mukhatabat: A Trilingual Journal for Logic, Epistemology and Analytical Philosophy, Area Editor for PhilPapers, and a member of the editorial board for American Philosophical Quarterly.