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Peter Graham

Peter Graham is a Professor in the Department of Philosophy and the Program in Linguistics at the University of California, Riverside. He began teaching at UCR in 2001. From 2016-2018 he was the Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs for Arts & Humanities and from 2011-2016 he was the Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences. Since 2022 he has served systemwide as an Associate Dean for the University of California Education Abroad Program. He has been Co-Director of the Epistemology and Philosophy of Psychology Workshop at UCR since 2009.

His primary research and teaching areas are epistemology, social epistemology, philosophy of psychology, philosophy of biology, philosophy of social science, and philosophy of language and linguistics. He has published numerous articles in scholarly journals and books. He is the co-editor of Epistemic Entitlement (Oxford University Press) and the Routledge Handbook of Social Epistemology (Routledge).